iTOPKer Countertops offers a design potential that was hitherto unimaginable, with no need for tile joints. iTOPKer Countertops can also be used in more ambitious, complex, fascinating applications, making life much easier for people. ITOPKer porcelain slabs are cutting-edge high-performance materials, based on the application of leading technologies in tile manufacturing, creativity and design.

iTOPKer is made by selecting and fusing the purest of minerals, compacted at a force of 4,000 kg / m2 and sintered at temperatures of over 1200ºC.

iTOPKer’s high resistance and lack of pores make it ideal for everyday places where hygiene is fundamental. Thanks to its properties, iTOPKer meets the needs of today’s living spaces, guaranteeing versatile, eco-friendly, innovative surfaces that help to make life easier and more convenient.

iTOPKer is unaffected by the passage of time. Its hightech properties make it a very hard material, suitable for use both indoors and out.

Its colour and texture remain unchanged even when iTOPKer is used outdoors, since it can withstand the effects of ultra-violet rays without its surface appearance being altered in any way.

What are the advantages of Inalco porcelain tiles?

  • Modern, trend-setting designs and gentle textures.
  • Sophisticated, neutral colours of timeless beauty, ranging from toasted stone shades and camels to white or pure black.
  • A multitude of finishes, including natural-look, polished, bush-hammered and non-slip ones.
  • Formats of up to 150 x 300 cm, making tile joints a thing of the past and replacing them with continuous surfaces.
  • A high resistance and durability. This makes Inalco porcelain tiles suitable for use in both public and private environments.
  • A low water absorption rate, enabling the tiles to be used both indoors and out and also as cladding on façades.
  • Easy to clean and care for. Porcelain tiles have a high resistance to staining. In addition, for everyday cleaning, only water and a damp cloth are needed.

Different Finishes

Natural-look – Collections with a highly original design.

Polished – These tiles are treated after they have been manufactured to polish the surface and give it a glossy shine. Inalco has two types of polished finishes: a high-gloss polished finish with a mirror-like shine and a satin polished finish with an eye-catching, elegant more gentle polish.

Bush-hammered –  These tiles feature a gentle surface relief texture, suitable for use anywhere, both indoors and out.