Vanity Space Series

Lucrite® Vanity Space Series

Poly Vision introduces the LUCRITE® Vanity Space Series, a modern take on bathroom furniture, bringing to life the simple things that greet you with inspiration.

The variety of designs embodies beauty and elegance while maintaining proper ergonomics. The vanities adapt a serene vision for bathroom interior, displaying a clean and sophisticated impression that is fitting for a chic pampering room. Blending classic design and modern ergonomics, these vanity designs also have storage options and compartments, providing neat and clean opulence.

LUCRITE® Vanity Space Series incorporate sensual curves while utilizing practical dimensions to compliment a stylish bathroom interior. For instance, the ‘Spectrum” offers a refreshing view with its retro – futuristic lighting options that sets the mood to an indulging ambience. This novel vanity integrates the strength and beauty of solid surface in a unique design, supplemented by a pictorial lighting effect.

Creative collaboration and Sustainability

With the endless possibilities when it comes to designs and applications, PV supports modern designers who are finding more ways to make use of these versatile materials. Aside from these exceptional designs, the LUCRITE® Vanity Space Series also allows creative collaboration with options to customize colours and sizes that will complement their design interior and developing solutions for better bathroom furnishings.

Supporting environmental sustainability and greener operations, LUCRITE® products are made from environmental-friendly materials and processes.

Aside from low chemical emissions, LUCRITE® contains recycled pre consumer materials which are combined with their special formulation of solid surface content. This only shows how PV continues to push the boundaries of technology and design, leading the way in the customisation of solid surfaces and pioneering the development of novel solutions for an ever-widening range of colours, uses and applications.